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Dow soars above 17,000 for 1st time on jobs news (Los Angeles Times)

The stock market has rallied this year on hope that economic growth would finally accelerate beyond its sluggish pace.

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Avoid a US stock market meltdown and go global – MarketWatch

Avoid a US stock market meltdown and go globalMarketWatchLast week, I listed concerns of a stock market correction in the U.S., including high valuations and a weaker-than-expected economy. Investors seemed to acknowledge those risks, as stocks drifted steadily lower on the week. At the same time, European …and more »

Markets sink on gov't shutdown fears

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Online Surf Store Is Making Waves

online surf store

Online Surf Store Is Open and Growing

online surf storeA new online surf store is making waves in the surfing community called keepnitwet, which is fast becoming a serious clothing brand behind others such as swell and killerdana. The online surf clothing brand was the brainwave of Captain Rob Dupre who’s stories and adventures on the high seas have contributed to the development of this online surf clothing and beach store.

Rob has a love for everything water related and his dream was to make keepnitwet an exciting new watersports brand that was good enough to wear on the water and off the water. The surf styles and beach styles are equally exciting to both men and women and Robs own surf caps for men and women have been going down a treat.

This New Surf Brand Is Exciting

As the keepnitwet brand grows, so to do the exciting new designs of beach clothing and surf clothing and plans are afoot to develop their own range of surfing and beach accessories. Captain Rob is also planning to hold online competitions to win clothing or a custom designed keepnitwet surf board.

This new surf clothing brand started from very humble beginnings and has been a long-time passion of Captain Rob; the stories of his adventures on the high seas are exciting and intertwined with elements of danger and the romantic swash buckling notion of a life on the open waves just like bygone times. So all of this is also culminating on a new book, which will soon come to be, that will captivate his life and times on the water. Each surf style that he designs often captivates the essence of one of his adventures.

Buy Surf Clothing Online

So what can you expect from this online surf shop and beach store. You will most certainly enjoy its well laid out surf clothing line – ranging from women’s surf clothing and mens surf clothing – each with their own exciting designs. You can choose to buy surf clothing and beach clothing that is sure to excite and the quality is regarded as being very high.



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Gold backed IRA – Regal Assets Review for Gold IRA Investment Plan –

Gold backed IRA – Regal Assets Review for Gold IRA Investment PlanBaystreet.caThe gold coins and bullion approved by the Internal Revenue Service and can therefore be placed on IRA include: American Eagle Gold Coin, American Eagle Gold Proof Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin, American Buffalo Gold Coin, Austrian Philharmonic …

Maine Real Estate Market News, January 2014

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Do foreign mining co. Share its gold output to the government?

Posted by marco
seospecIt’s not the gold output that the mining company share to the national government but the revenues. The local govt units with its local taxing powers insists that they should also share directly with the revenues separate from their IRA.
Does Global Gold Group have a nice name for gold IRA Gold Retirement information?Is the name Global Gold Group a good name for a company that works with IRA GOLD RETIREMENT Http:// should be the place to find out. Just asking. I like that GGG thing and I want to know if it’s a good name or if anyone can think of a better one and tell them!

Posted by Kate S
seospecGlobal Gold Group has a nice ring to it like a song lyric so yes it is a great name for a company that deals with gold or investing so I would say it’s a great name.
I have inherited an IRA?What is the best and safest way to invest my IRA. I have heard allot about gold. Is this a good option or are there better ways to invest. And what company would be the best to work with for investing.

Posted by TimS
seospecDo an IRA rollover either to a discount broker, if you are confident that you have the expertise to make your own investment decisions, or a full-service brokerage company if you believe you need the investment advice. Scottrade, Schwab and e-trade are good discount brokers. If the IRA is large enough, I would suggest either a full service broker or the Private Wealth Management services of a large commercial bank. You’ll pay more for the services, obviously, but you’ll get professional assistance in the allocation of your portfolio.Gold is an inflation hedge and has a place in most portfolios, but if you are going to invest the money yourself, I would limit the percentage of the IRA that you put in to gold to no more than 10% to 20%. Rather than buying physical gold, you may want to use an ETF that closely tracks the price of gold, like “GLD”. The remainder should be well diversified in industry sectors that are likely to have long term demand to support their stock prices. Some conceptual ideas might include:

1) Companies whose products revolve around saving energy for their customers (since the demand for energy will never decrease, nor will it’s cost). You might consider Ingersoll-Rand, Watsco, Johnson Controls, Emerson Electric and Eaton Corp.

2) Companies involved in food production/distribution, given that population growth is outstripping our ability to produce food. You might consider Deere, Potash, McDonald’s, and Safeway Foods.

3) Companies involved in providing security services, products or systems, such as Tyco (currently rumored to be a takeover candidate) and Honeywell.

4) Companies involved in providing healthier eating habits, given that 2/3rds of Americans are overweight. Some candidates might be Chipotle, Panera Bread, Hain Celestial, and Whole Foods.

5) Some allocation to a mutual fund that invests in emerging markets, since that’s where the growth and future demand is. Morningstar or Yahoo-Finance would be good sources to look for no-load funds in this categaory.

You should be able to construct a well diversified portfolio with good long term growth prospects from some combination of these suggestions. Good luck.

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Best IRA Companies Review

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Jewelry, Bracelet, Farmers Market - Free image - 178261

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Morning Media Mix: From Clueless to Fox News – New York Observer

New York ObserverMorning Media Mix: From Clueless to Fox NewsNew York ObserverIra Glass may not know who edits The New York Times, but The New York Times wrote a story about Ira Glass' decision to self-distribute This American Life. (The New York Times). The Times face-off between Margaret Sullivan and Michael Kinsley continues …

Market news wrap

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Roth IRA..Can one borrow from a Roth?

I am saving for both retirement and a down payment. I have just started a Roth. I am a couple of years into my IRA. I understand that borrowing from an IRA is not wise because one has to pay it back soon after leaving the company. Is it ok to look at a Roth as a source of loaning to yourself to supplement down payment money if short at the time of down payment transaction?

Posted by 27ysq

Sounds like you want to borrow from your Roth 401K
You will be able to borrow 50% of the vested amount only.
^^^ something to keep in mind.
Also to keep in mind, before you close, the bank will again review all your records.
They will see this loan you are paying back from your wages.
So be upfront from the beginning.
Many people get pre-qualified, then take out a 401K loan and are surprised that they don't qualify for the mortgage.
It will directly reduce your income, therefore reducing the amount of home you will qualify for.
Also to keep in mind, the loan is re-payable in 5 years or less.

Please help if I did this right for my 410K company plan?

I just opened my 401K today, and I want some input from you guys if I was doing it right (or not). I invested 401K, 12% of my paycheck, ($292monthly), and my company will match 50% of that. I have about 350 shares of stocks, given to me from the company I work for 6 years this year. Now, the investments I choose are FID Contrafund 25%, FID Growth company 25%, Vang SM CP GRTH INST 25% AND FID INTERMED BOND 25%, as I read based on reviews, there are good investments, do you have any opinions on this? My enrollment is through through the company I work with, and that's they'd go with Fidelity. Do you have any opinions? Please share.
My 350 shares from company – they're with Smith barney, do I need to roll it to fidelity? Or just leave it alone with Smith barney? Thank you.

Posted by Kristina Cassandra

Hmm, I'm confused.

Nice, 12% of your income. Wish I could do that (have too many other things to save/spend to do it, unfortunately). But I really doubt all 12% is matched at 50% by your company. Most companies I know tend to cap it at 3-6%. Anything above that is unmatched. Check to make sure.

The 350 shares of company stock: did that get rolled into your 401k or is that held by you or another account? If it's in your 401k, I'd figure out what %age that represents of your holdings, and find a way to reduce that amount, to reduce your overall portfolio risk. Think Enron, when a lot of 401k holders had most, if not all, of their holdings in company stock.

As for those Fidelity and Vanguard funds, I think they're OK. If you already have some of your retirement investments in reliable index funds somewhere else (like a IRA or another company's 401k), I don't mind taking a flyer on other funds with good investment track records and low costs.

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Reuters Gold


Ebola outbreak in Guinea forces miners to lock down operations (Mining)

Brazilian iron ore giant Vale has removed its six international employees and put its local workers on leave.
The post Ebola outbreak in Guinea forces miners to lock down operations appeared first on

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Child, Gold Plating, Gilder - Free image - 191693

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With London 'fix' under fire, China seeks bigger sway in gold trade – Reuters

With London 'fix' under fire, China seeks bigger sway in gold tradeReutersSINGAPORE (Reuters) – China has approached foreign banks and gold producers to participate in a global gold exchange in Shanghai, people familiar with the matter said, as the world's top producer and importer of the metal seeks greater influence over …

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Is gold still considered a commodity?

How much weight (if any) dose gold have in the Thomson Reuters / Jefferies CRB Global commodity Equity index?

Posted by Toby

Gold is surely a commodity (a commodity is an item differentiated only by price). It must have a pretty small weight in the index as that is a market cap weighted index of equities and the market cap of gold related stocks is nothing compared to oil, in particular.

Who thinks Micheal Phelps will collect the title of most gold metals in the Olympics?

He is awesome and on fire! I am curious how many other people who watch the olympics think he has no problem winning the record golds.

Posted by Fancy Pants

He needs just one more gold to get the most gold in Olympics but to get the most gold in one single Olympics he needs 5 more gold. From the form he is showing right now I believe he can make history. Go Phelps!


Is Yahoo News (AP/Reuters/AFP) anti-Chinese or hypocrites?

Various government beatings stories—Gitmo sounds familiar

Genocidal Games (from Mia Farrow and NY Times).

For example in the VT shooting, should the seller (China) be responsible or the shooter (Sudan)? It's of course Sudan's responsibility.

Since journalist still blame China for still working with Sudan on the oil business, I wonder why US was never blame brutal killings on Iraqi War and taking their oil for free?


Posted by The Wizard

Removing Saddam saved lives.

While Saddam starved to death children, he spent billions of dollars on palaces that included gold faucets. And instead of using plumbing equipment to purify water, he made lakes and waterfalls for himself.

U.N. Website
"It is estimated that 500,000 Iraqi children have died because of the non-compliance of the Iraqi Government with [United Nations] Security Council resolutions 706 (1991), 712 (1991) and 986 (1995) since the end of the Gulf War. "

4 months before the opening attack on Saddam (November 2002)
U.N. Website:
"Despite improvements there are still close to one million children under the age of five suffering from chronic malnutrition in Iraq today – that's nearly a quarter of all children of that age," said Mr. Carel de Rooy, the head of UNICEF in Iraq. "This is unacceptable. More still needs to be done to end the suffering of a generation of children."

Only the United Nations [UN] can put United Nations sactions on a country.

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Why Are Americans So Bad With Money? (AtlanticBusinessChannel)

And is there a way to help them?

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Background, British, Budget - Free image - 20126

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Is the gold market rigged? – MoneyWeek

Is the gold market rigged?MoneyWeekBarclays has been fined £26m after one of its traders manipulated the 'gold fix' – the twice-daily process whereby a panel of London bankers sets an agreed benchmark gold price – to avoid paying out $3.9m to one of its customers on a complicated …

VLOGMAS Day 2-Adverts Mon 2/11/2013 ITV (ITV 1) UKTV Gold+ …

Questions and Answers

Invest in Gold or Stock Market?

I am 22 and about to choose a mutual firm for a ROTH IRA for my retirement. Is it more wise to invest the majority of my money in Gold/Precious metals vs. The stock market? I have been told the stock market is too unstable to invest the majority (I mean 50% or more) in and I dont want to lose all my retirement money in 10 years if/when the stock crashes.

Should I have faith in the economy for the next 35 years as I invest in the stock and pray it doesnt depreciate and lose all my money? Or should I play it really safe and invest 50% or more in the gold area's?

I dont want to make a mistake in investing for my retirement! Help! Thanks.

Posted by mfisch

Investment is about asset allocation, about proportioning between risks. In John L. Kelly's 1956 paper "A New Interpretation of Information Rate", Bell System Technical Journal 35: 917–926, he described a fictitious horse race and how the optimum bet was to bet on all horses but proportionately to the probability of winning and the payouts. The only time you would exit from the market completely is if you knew with absolute certainty that the market was to crash. Ben Graham, in his book "The Intelligent Investor" says to invest 45% of your portfolio in stocks and 55% in bonds but more importantly, he says to never go below 25% invested in stocks and never go above 80% invested in stocks. The portion of your portfolio invested in stocks is the portion at risk, that which is invested in bonds are relatively risk free in that bonds offer contractual returns. The risk free portion allows you to benefit from a market downturn by rebalancing the portfolio and indeed it's this portion that allows a fund manager to manage the fund. It's pointless to invest in a fund that is 100% stock unless it has undeniably low fees as in an index fund because there is nothing that the fund manager can do with a 100% portfolio.

Gold and metals is a hedge against a country and an economy, it offers no contractual returns, it offers no intrinsic returns as gold doesn't actually do anything, it only offers broad acceptance beyond political borders and it's value is speculative hence an investment in gold is still very much at risk.

You should either invest in a well managed fund that has a near 50/50 asset allocation because then the fund can benefit from a market downturn by simply rebalancing or you should proportion your portfolio yourself between a low fee index fund (index funds are 100% invested in stocks) and bonds or a low fee bond fund and rebalance annually or after major market moves like a downturn. You can then be confident over the next 35 years that even if there is a market crash, that only means you will be scooping up more bargains and hence benefit in the long run.

Investing in gold would not be playing it safe at all.

As to the selection of a Roth versus a standard IRA, the difference is when the taxes are paid. If you multiply A by B, you get the same result as when you multiply B by A so if the tax rate is the same then there is no difference between a Roth and a standard IRA. What you are betting on with a Roth is that your current tax bracket is lower than that when you retire. In general that would only be true early in your career so at some point you should switch to a traditional IRA if your career goes well.

Are we in a commodities / gold bull market?

Posted by ellerkampbrian

Yes. The previos poster asked, how much longer will it last. The last bear market in gold lasted 20 years. Markets have secular cycles, and last 15+ years. I believe we have a long way to go in gold before we top out. How long? Don't really know, but I definitely see gold hitting $2000 – $2500 per ounce.

Investing in gold versus the market?

I know the market is down so it should be a great time to invest, but I'm still skeptical so I am thinking about investing in gold, which seems to have a decent rate of return over the long haul. How do I go about invest in it? I don't want to have gold myself, but how do I simply invest in it? Futures or something? Thanks in advance.
Well, what would you suggest as an alternative? Nothing really seems that great.

Posted by BurningPyre

It would be incorrect to make the argument that "gold has been good investment for the long hall."

According to Chase Global Digest, Gold is the 2nd worst investment in history after diamonds.

It took gold nearly 25 some odd years to go from it's previous high to next high again. So basically it took 25 years to break even in gold (not even factoring inflation) if one bought it at it's early 1980's high.

This assumes gold was purchased using U.S. Dollars.

30 year gold chart

I was trading gold for a while, and exited the position on or about 02-20-2009 when Gold broke over $1000/ oz. (again) and been out of it since.

If you have never traded futures before I would not be jumping into that. I have been in this biz for 20 years and still would not be trading futures. It is a very complex investment, and is highly risky. I leave this to the professional futures traders to figure out.

I may look at it only if the economy show signs that it is going to plunge further near term, banks are semi-nationalized, or another shoe drops in the market.

Most popular gold trading is the indexes:

GLD = 1x long gold
DGP = 2x long gold

If I was to look at an alternative it would depend on one's age, risk tolerance, time frame, and overall financial goals and financial picture.

If one has debt such as CC debt, I would pay that first.

Long term I have been repeatedly posting this as a basic strategy:
S&P 500 Index
in a Roth IRA
Dollar Cost Average bi-monthly
Do this for 15-20 years+

edit/follow up comment – reality check: ——————————
"Net adviser fails to mention gold adjusted for US dollar inflation is at $3500 per ounce."

I'm not sure how long the other poster has been a broker and a what kind of broker, but that would not be a correct statement.

If one factored inflation on an investment one would SUBTRACT inflation from the return of the investment.

If inflation was 3% in one year, and you made 6% on your money, your inflation adjusted return would be 3% (6% return less 3% inflation = 3% inflation adjusted return).

This is why bank CD's, and money markets tend to be poor investment choices over the long term. They almost always pay less than the inflation rate, thus over time, one loses their buying power. Most people get it that things cost more over time. This is inflation. We don't get free extra money just because there is inflation. Your mutual fund company does not send you an extra check each year based on the inflation rate. The stock your holding does not send you a check because inflation went up. Your car manufacture doesn’t send you a check if the value of your car drops because of inflation. Most jobs don’t have a pay increase each year to keep up with inflation either.

Unless one has something like TIPS – "Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities," for example, one will not get paid more money on their investment because of inflation.

I ran historic inflation models when I worked at a top Wall Street firm for clients to show what inflation does to money over time – it eats it away (things costs more).

Based on historical inflation models, generally over 30 years $1.00 cash will have a buying power of 30 cents. Thus investment in Gold on or about 1980, at $1,000.00 an oz, the inflation adjusted return would be roughly $300.00. This is because gold did not keep up with the net increase of inflation. That is why Chase Global Digest research has said it is the 2nd worst investment after diamonds.

To say that gold is worth by any calculation $3,500 or whatever, is absurd. Tell ya what. I'll buy gold in the open market at today's price of about $950.00 an oz, and you tell me you are dying to buy it from me at $2,000.00 oz. Right now. If you think your answer is correct, then you'll make $1,500 oz. Now try selling that in the market, and you'll wonder why there are no bids at that price.


One last note:
RE: other poster: "Dollar…gold…they will catch up to each other, guaranteed…"

As a fmr Securities Compliance Officer, it is unlawful – a violation of U.S. Securities Law to state, suggest, imply, infer, etc., ANY guarantees, on investments. By making such statement, one could be fined, sued by a client following such advice, or suspended by regulators or all three.

Here are some compliance law websites a domestic securities, commodities, futures, broker should know and is REQUIRED by law to follow.

Broker Misconduct

Fraud and misrepresentation

Misrepresentation and Omissions

I'm not doing this to censure the other poster, I'm point out that a licensed rep is required to know securities rules and regs. And by posting such info in question, is misleading to the unsuspecting people who are not financial experts and who may incorrectly rely on false and misleading information.

This is why I have repeatedly suggested on Y!A and toother to seek professional advisors with no less than 15 years real market experience.

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Gold Surges Following Eastern Ukraine Separatist Vote for Sovereignty (The Street)

Updated from 8:47 a.m. EDT with phone interview comments from Marex Spectron's David GovettNEW YORK (TheStreet) — Gold prices were climbing on Monday after pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine approved sovereignty in a referendum. The vote came Sunday, but reports said international election monitors remained absent, making it unlikely that all parties involved would accept legitimacy of the referendum."Ukraine is underpinning the market at the moment and keeping people from being too short," David Govett, head of precious metals at Marex Spectron, said in a phone interview from London. Gold for June delivery at the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange was jumping $14.50 to $1,302.10 an ounce. The gold price traded as high as $1,303.90 and as low as $1,277.70 an ounce, while the spot price was popping $12.40, or 0.96%. "After a weekend when seemingly Eastern Ukraine has shown it would like to be part of Russia, or certainly something other than Ukraine, the unrest there will no doubt continue to rumble on, keeping a floor under the market," Govett wrote Monday in a note to clients. While uncertainty in Ukraine is lifting gold prices — which often rise amid geopolitical …

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The Elephant Wearing a Silver Necklace – The Market Oracle

The Elephant Wearing a Silver NecklaceThe Market OracleIn the aftermath of two conflicting silver market reports, both sponsored directly by those in the best position to profit from the paper market (thus, by definition, making them politically influenced to the point of uselessness), we can look back to …

$1400 Intel-Nvidia Gaming PC Build – January 2014

Questions and Answers

Silver Market Question?

I am investing in silver. I know that the price increases when people are buying silver. But I don't fully get it. If someone is buying the silver then someone has to be selling it at the same time. So how does the price go up?

Posted by ou

The price will increase when there are more buyers than sellers. The high demand will push the market price upwards. On the flip side when there are more sellers than buyers prices of Silver will drop. Silver is highly speculative but in a era of money printing and devaluations of currencies Silver prices can increase rapidly. Silver always has an industrial use but the huge fluctuations in price come from the investors who believe that it is a currency replacement or a hedge against inflation.

Predictions on the silver market next 6 months?

I love silver. Always have. Silver Coins, and antique objects. On the other hand I have no idea about investing. How is the silver market looking for the next 6 months?

Posted by Jason Who?

Let's be clear about your question. Only soothsayers and fortune tellers and talking heads on the dramatized boob tube make predictions. The future cannot be known, plain and simple.

Traders make projections for price targets, but that's totally different than a prediction.

Other issues
First, silver and gold have historically been a hedge against inflation, and historically demand for gold has increased during bad economic times. It was so especially during the Great Depression and during both World Wars (think of the Jews making gold buttons for dresses, and everyone seeking and hoarding gold), and right now people are clamoring all over themselves to get out of the stock market, get out of failing banks, and getting out of a crashing dollar, and cashing it all in to invest in the safe-haven currency that will never go to zero price — precious metals. That is one "prediction" you can bank on. One answerer here gave a less than 1% sample size of total history, using geeky Greek lettered symbols of the last three years and tries to prove otherwise, but sounds like a lost economist. R-squared uses a benchmark index against the S&P 500, which is a proxy for the stock market, which is a loose "predictor" or proxy for …. Guess what? …. The economy. Duh. Umm, what was it we were trying to predict? Oh yeah, we R so squared.

Have you ever heard of an economist that is right more that 50% of the time? Ever? Yet another clue that predictions are useless.

Second, the other answerer tells us "the market gives you a forecast for volatility" and somehow asserts that is a prediction for the direction of price. But then he admits in the same paragraph that "the market thinks silver could be all over the map in 6 months." This doesn't sound like much of a prediction to me, or again, the sort of non-committal political mumbo jumbo you hear out of economists.

Third, I think the retail market for silver is much bigger than eBay. I don't think China and India use eBay; maybe I'm wrong. Also, there is at least a third market for silver as an industrial metal. It is the second most conductive metal of the affordable metals, second only to gold.

I share your exuberance for owning silver, and often buy silver bars and rounds when I have spare cash through a reputable dealer that delivers these fine pretties to my front door. They make great paper weights and conversation pieces, and also make great presents for Christmas. I bought several 5-oz silver rounds two years ago before Christmas, mainly for my three girls, with a baked enamel picture of The Year of the Mouse with Queen Elizabeth on the back for near melt-down value of about $50 apiece and they're worth $200 apiece today. Everyone else in the family got 1-oz silver bars. What great gifts; everyone loved them so much they still have them. Some of them carry them on trips as an emergency fund, and we're all tempted to cash them in.

Take a look at this website.


Who cares about predicting the markets. Put on the full armor of silver and hedge yourself. Dollar-Cost-Average and buy on dips.

Especially since you like physical silver so much, I would advise against paper ETF's concerning silver. You won't get near the satisfaction, excitement, or security of owning a piece of paper. And the paper ETF's might even give you nightmares if you read this article.


Is there a market for silver?

I have two wine and a small plate that I have been told are made of silver. Is there some market to sell this, like gold?

Posted by biscuitperifrank

Silver market for investment and miscellaneous is fairly small, it's estimated at least $1 billion in market value, just 1/6th of the total silver market, so the total is $6 billion in market value (current), that's still small if you compare to large companies which have hundreds of billions in market value.
And what you're holding would probably be sterling silver which has 92.5 purity (standard purity for investment is 99.9), since the current spot price for silver hovers between $16~$17 per troy oz (with purity of 99.9%, troy oz is not a reg. Oz, 12 troy oz = 1 pound when 16 regular oz = 1 pound), it's better to hold it for now, sell it when it reaches in the $20 range (which happened to reach last Dec 09 then dropped down to the price I just mentioned), but if I were you I'll just keep it. But if you want to sell it, try the pawn shop, you already know the market value of your silver based on what I just written so you won't be ripoff, you can auction it at ebay or other auction sites.

Some flatwares are just silver plated, make sure yours isn't or it will worth a lot less.

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Silver News Today

Sterling: I made a 'terrible mistake' (KSAT)

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling says he's sorry but feels he was "baited" to make racist comments, nearly two weeks after the NBA fined him and banned him for life for his remarks in a recorded conversation.
"When I listen to that tape, I don't even know how I can say words like that. … I don't know why the girl had me say those things," he told CNN's Anderson Cooper in an exclusive interview set to air on Monday.
"You're saying you were set up?" Cooper asked.
"Well yes, I was baited," Sterling said. "I mean, that's not the way I talk. I don't talk about people for one thing, ever. I talk about ideas and other things. I don't talk about people."
Sterling, an 80-year-old married lawyer and billionaire real-estate investor, hasn't spoken publicly about the accusations since celebrity gossip website TMZ posted a 10-minute audio recording of him that drew widespread condemnation from fans, players and the league.
In that audio clip, Sterling chastised friend V. Stiviano for posting pictures online of her posing with African-Americans, including basketball Hall of Famer Earvin "Magic" Johnson.
The recording triggered a firestorm that led to Sterling's …

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Silver price recovers by Rs 350, gold steady – Business Today

Business TodaySilver price recovers by Rs 350, gold steadyBusiness TodaySilver prices recovered by Rs 350 to Rs 40,850 per kg on increased demand from consuming industries but gold prices remained steady at Rs 27,500 per 10 grams after falling for four straight sessions on low-level buying. Silver ready hardened by Rs 350 …Sell MCX Silver July; target of Rs 39800: KarvyMoneycontrol.comall 11 news articles »

Questions and Answers

Question about buying silver bullion coins?

Im new to buying silver but I just want someone to inform me about it.
1.If I buy a 1oz silver coin for $38 then when I resell it would I only receive the same amount of money that is shown on the commodities section of the news?
2. I have seen the Australian Kookaburra, Silver Maple, Silver Eagle. Which of these are the best to get?
3. Is silver a good investment or is it better to go with gold. Im going to be keeping it for about 2 years.

Thank you very much.

Posted by Gobbet

Regardless of when you buy silver, you will always pay more than the 'commodities section' price for the coins you mentioned. When you go to sell them, you will get close to that price, whatever it is at the time. If you buy a one ounce Eagle today for $38, the best price you would get for it from a dealer where I live is a dollar over spot, or $35 right now. Most dealers pay below spot. The only way you'll ever profit this way is if silver goes up in price by at least 15% from where you bought it.

I'm holding the silver I've bought over the last few years, because I see this holding pattern in price continuing for the near future, and even if it drops 30% from where it is now, I'm still ahead. I think, long term, it's going higher – and I will take advantage of the bigger drops in price to buy more. I'll only buy it now if I can buy it for a bargain price, which can be done, but it harder to do when silver is in the news and more people are out searching the estate sales.

That, in my opinion, is the best way to buy silver. But it requires knowledge, which comes from study, and work, the actual hunting for it. I buy 90% silver US coins from 1964 and earlier, and certain foreign silver coins. I also buy collectable silver items, medals and medallion sets like were very popular in the 1970s. You have to know exactly how much pure silver is contained in each different coin or medal. It's the only way you can accurately calculate the spot price for that exact amount of silver, so you know how much you can pay for it. I've bought from estate sales where my competition didn't know exactly what was in a lot and I did, and bought silver for 30% – 50% of spot.

If you have only a 2 year window to invest, and you will need that money at that time, precious metals are too risky. I'm using money I can afford to lose. Nobody wants to lose money, of course, but losing this money won't damage me. The money I can't afford to lose is invested in solid mutual funds, and they've done me well over the years. Investing is really a long-term proposition. A 2 year deal isn't really an investment, it's a speculative move. If you absolutely will need that money in two years, inflation is not going to so seriously erode its value in that time that you'll lose more than you will if you take a chance and guess wrong. I would park the money in 2-year CDs for the best rate you can find, or if you're willing to take a little risk, put it into a couple of good large-cap growth mutual funds. You can look for historical rates of return and expense ratios – you want to keep expenses low – at

Why did silver drop so much today?

Precious metals, especially silver plunged in the greatest drop in decades. Can anyone explain to me why people would flee to treasuries and cash when they have doubts about the Federal reserves new stimulus? That to me is like going up the stairs to escape a burning building.

Posted by BUNguyenI

Im thinking that with all the losses in stocks, account managers have been liquidating their metals to get back into other markets. It makes no real sense that either metal would go down right now. The swiss announced that they will be printing and buying whatever it takes to protect themselves. Euro is obviously screwed, as is the USD of course, no news there.
As with currencies trading metals is much harder than investing in them, right now is a great time to take advantage of lower prices and add to your holdings. There arent many people around that think metals are starting a long down trend, all were seeing is retracement that reflects the volatility in all of the world markets. With regards to bonds, I believe there is a 30 year US treasury bond that has attracted a lot of attention and money. Im sitting tight and buying as much as I can get my hands on.

Do you see the price of silver as ..?

Silver and gold both seem high to me (probably because they are). It's tough seeing a time in the future that either of these metals have a reason to take much, if any, of a dip. Buy low, sell high.. I know that much. But, is today's high actually just new lows? Are they both headed up? I've just got a few grand to play with as far as these metals are concerned. If you HAD to buy 2 oz. Of gold bullion at the opening bell tomorrow, or the same amount in silver, which do YOU do? No reason to explain why. Thanks in advance.

Posted by auriga2099

I hate to say this, but today would have been a great day to get into Silver. There was about a 3-5% pull back in precious metals including silver. In addition to that, Silver had a nice after-hours-pop tonight of about 2% (Check [SLV] – Silver ETF)…So you'll be getting in at a higher price already if you buy at the bell tomorrow.

Something to consider about Silver – it's had a 1 week gain of about 9%, 3 month gain of 70%. We've also just touched the 52 week high on SLV of $47.00 and are $2/share off the all time high (which means upward resistance at those levels). So if you get in this week, I would monitor the price and news every day because we could be close to a larger drop. Keep in mind that the street is in a frenzy over silver and SLV volume hit an all time high on Monday (189M Share Traded VS the Average of 37M). This volume could add to the already above average volatility of Silver.

That said, the weakening dollar helps the value of Silver and Gold alike. So watch the dollar carefully (especially tomorrow to see if Bernanke/Fed decide to keep the yields low) and as the dollar falls and the US Government gets themselves into more and more trouble, Silver and Gold will become more and more attractive.

Overall, I'd say Silver is a trickier play that at the moment and is a good short term bet as long as you watch it daily. Gold is going to be safer longer. Ideally, I'd watch both for a few days and find a good entry point, but if I had to pick one to dive into tomorrow, I'd say go Gold. Silver could still effect the price of Gold though if it drops, so either way, pay close attention.

Good luck.

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Dip Could Signal Buy for Gold, Silver (The Street)

The following commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet's guest contributor program, which is separate from the company's news coverage.
NEW YORK (TheLFB-Forex) — There are very few news wire headlines to impact gold (1520) and silver (34.60) bullion trade. The precious metal markets continue to trade in tight ranges, with the majority of any 24-hour price movement being contained in one or two 30-minute periods of trade.
Today is not the day to be looking for gold and silver bullion trades. Outlook: Gold and silver trade is oversold in the near-term, with a neutral mid-term momentum read. The four-hour trends are flattening out, which sets up a sell-the-test-of-resistance play from the next upside move toward 1550 on gold and 37.50 on silver. The buy-the-dip play at support around 1505 and 34.00 is now going to be closely monitored. The last 12 months of gold and silver trade have shown a strong tendency to find buyers at support. …
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Questions and Answers

Would like opinions from Silver Investors?

I"ve searched previous answers and from 2-3 years ago and investors thought buying silver was a good investment. I would like more recent opinions. Is it still a good idea to invest in silver? Bought my first bar (only a 10 oz.) from APMEX and I would like investors opinions on if you think it's still wise to buy. Thanks.

Posted by Rick

I've owned silver shares for about 2 years its gained about 7%… I like to think that silver moves along the 'graphs" the same as gold…I see silver staying high even if gold tanks.

Is silver really depleting? Surely if it was, the price would become phenomenal?

Or, If it does go up 'even more' than it has, Will this not render it useless in industry, and therefore the price would then shoot down sharply as industries find alternative metals to use?

Posted by jimmy

Wow, that's a nearly impossible question to answer and I don't think you are going to find the answer you are looking for in this forum. If someone knew the answer, they'd be rich.

Silver is depleting – demand has been higher than annual mined volume for years now. However, the price isn't rising based solely on supply / demand. Precious metals (and all commodities) are rising due to the decline of the dollar, world turmoil, investors flight to safety, etc.

I've followed the silver markets for nearly 10 years now and I'm an investor. While I sold some recently at these highs, I believe $50+ is achievable.

I would recommend you do more research on sites such as Http:// and other sites with various news stories and opinion on silver.

Finally, if industry could find viable alternatives to silver, they would have already done so.

Best of luck!

Educated opinion only. How much will gold & silver prices mid 2013?

Posted by MeanGene

Gold and silver closed on Friday at their lowest levels in more than a month, part of a broad market sell-off that favored safe haven assets as hedge funds in futures markets were more inclined to take profits than add to long gold positions after the impressive summer run-up. Look for even lower prices for both metals in the week or two ahead since, absent an early-bailout request by Spain, there are no other obvious catalysts to push prices higher over the near-term.

But, the good news for precious metals investors is that, in the weeks ahead, institutional investors and central banks are sure to step in and make purchases to provide price support and, more importantly, the month of October will soon be over. Beginning in November, a plethora of positive market forces will develop that should push gold and silver prices sharply higher, the most important being renewed focus on the massive U.S. Debt after the election.

For the week, the gold price fell 1.9 percent, from $1,754.30 an ounce to $1,720.50, and silver fell 4.2 percent, from $33.48 an ounce to $32.07. Gold is now up 9.8 percent for the year, down 10.5 percent from its high last summer, and silver is 15.1 percent higher in 2012, down 35.2 percent from its high 18 months ago.

After the big move higher that began in early-August amid a wave of money printing announcements by central banks – during which time the gold price jumped $200 an ounce and silver surged more than 25 percent – precious metals were due for a correction/consolidation and, lest there be any doubt about this developing earlier in the month, the events of the last week should have made clear that this is exactly what is now happening. Traders are booking profits and, after last week's dismal U.S. Earnings reports that sent equity markets lower, plunging gold and silver prices should not have come as a real surprise.

Aside from the very contrarian thinking that, if so many analysts think one thing maybe investors should do the opposite, there is little reason to think gold and silver prices will do anything but move lower in the weeks ahead and some analysts now predict we'll soon see gold prices back in the $1,600s with silver prices threatening the sub-$30 level.

Perhaps the best thing that long-term investors can do right now is stop watching websites like Kitco for the rest of the month and, maybe, they've already decided to do just that as precious metal ETF holdings and premiums were little changed during the recent sell-off. After dropping 7 tonnes from a record high last Monday, holdings at the SPRDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) were steady for the rest of the week, actually adding 0.3 tonnes on Friday as the gold price plunged.

Meanwhile, holdings at the iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV) fell by only 6 tonnes last week, dropping 24 tonnes on Tuesday then adding back 27 tonnes on Thursday, and the premium for the Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) remains near its recent highs at just below five percent.

Though even lower gold and silver prices are probably dead ahead, these ETF owners should soon be rewarded as November has been the very best month of the year for metal prices over the last decade.

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